Colby Melvin & Brandon Brown: Jockstrap Superstars

Normally The Underwear Expert’s Strapping Lad of the Week post highlights an impressive model in his jockstrap, but this week you’re being treated to a special 2 for 1. This week’s Strapping Lad(s) recognition goes to Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown! Both these guys’ underwear modeling for Andrew Christian resulted in great photo shoots, but together, Colbra jockstrap photos make the world go round.

How does that saying go again? Couples that play together (in jockstraps) stay together (in jockstraps)? Yeah. That sounds about right. Check out our favorite Colbra jockstrap photos, plus some individual shots of both guys and let us know what you think! What models have you been eyeing in jockstraps lately? Let us know, and we’ll feature them as our Strapping Lad of the Week!

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Photo Credit: Andrew Christian


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