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Here at The Underwear Expert, we often hear about the outside-the-box inspirations behind underwear design. Some designers tell us that they were moved by fantastic locations, exotic cultures or ancient traditions. Other designers are influenced by scientific advancement, infusing high-tech fabrics into their expensively constructed briefs. Sometimes, wild inspiration leads to a great pair of underwear. Many times, it doesn’t. That’s why we like the humble inspiration behind Bunker underwear. In our exclusive Bunker interview, we learned from Eric Fortin of Bunker that the underwear’s inspiration is men – plain and simple.

“Men are the inspiration and we provide them with an honest comfortable product without compromising design,” Fortin said. “The fact is that we want to be the best … we are not pretending to be more.”

Fortin has had an extensive fashion career. In 2010, after 16 years in the fashion industry, he was offered the opportunity to design a new brand of underwear. From there, Bunker was born. See the photos of Bunker underwear below, then read more about the brand after the jump.

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If his inspiration is simple, it’s only because his goal is straight-forward. Fortin focuses on quality and customer satisfaction. “My personal goal is to make any guy happy by creating nice, comfortable and supportive underwear.”

Bunker underwear typically comes in primary colors, forgoing fancy patterns or frilly adornments. Fortin says that this choice stems from his belief that underwear should be a safeguard and a shield. His concentration on strong essentials is intended to communicate the core strength of the Bunker products.

In this case, simple construction doesn’t mean inferior design. “We are paying extra attention to all the details in seams, fabric, elastics and labels to get the best quality and comfortable underwear,” Fortin said. “We want our custumers to forget they are wearing underwear yet never want to go anywhere without them.”

This attention to intricate details is exactly what makes Bunker underwear so unique. From stunning color-blocking choices in fabrics and stitching, to stylized waistband design, each Bunker collection is crafted meticulously. Top sellers like the Line Up and Extasy collections prove Bunker’s ability to produce a no-frills, high-quality, and stylish final product.

Fortin says that he will continue paying attention to the voices of Bunker’s customers. He wants his designs to evolve with the men that are wearing them. “Bunker will continue to listen to those who inspired us to begin the journey … We create and work hard to please. I am sure they will keep coming back.”

When asked about the sort of man who is mostly likely to wear Bunker underwear, Fortin betrayed his affection for his customers. “He is a man that doesn’t need to try too hard. By this I mean a guy that has self confident and doesn’t need artifice to feel sexy. He is all the gorgeous men that are not models, may not have the perfect bodies, but are handsome and sexy. These are the men that inspire me.”

Check out images of model Angelo Cortina in Bunker briefs from a photo shoot by Jay Jaskot below.

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For more information about this brand: Bunker

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