Be Dazzled by Bia Boro Bamboo Collection

Bia Boro Bamboo Collection

The Bia Boro Bamboo collection borders a fine, fine line between exotic underwear and an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. Available in a square-cut trunk ($29.99) and a boxer brief ($34.99), the Bamboo collection offers eight stunning, bohemian prints.

The Bia Boro Bamboo collection is made from actual bamboo and has a fabric breakdown of 5% spandex, 5% nylon, 25% polyester and 65% rayon bamboo. Each bohemian print features an array of colors and designs to suit anyone’s abstract tastes.

The breathable, thermoregulating fabric and the fly-free contour pouch offer some athletic gravitas to the already stylish collection. Pick up a trunk or brief from the Bia Boro Bamboo collection; and get lost staring into a pair.

The Bia Boro Bamboo collection is available in S-XL

Bia Boro’s Bamboo collection is available at

Photo Credit: Bia Boro


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