Ask The Underwear Expert: Products to Combat Crotch Rot?

Andrew from Miami, FL: I recently moved to Miami from Denver, Colorado and I’m still getting used to all the heat. Now that it’s warm all the time, I’m trying to figure out the best way to keep clean and dry down below the waist. What are some products I might try?

The Underwear Expert: Never fear, Andrew. In the battle against crotch rot, the world of men’s grooming has evolved beyond Gold Bond powder towards better formulas and technologies to address this common problem. Newer products use more tailored formulas, natural ingredients and less abrasive scents to make the experience much more pleasant than slapping on the cold and tingly white stuff.

Products that combat crotch rot tend to address a number of combined factors. Generally, these include absorbing moisture, reducing friction, keeping skin clean and clear of bacteria, and masking unpleasant smell. A number of ingredients in more generic crotch rot treatments have since been found to have negative side effects, such as talc, a common component of many body powers. Newer treatments also cater to those who prefer more natural remedies and products free of alcohol or harsh chemicals.

Here are a few of our favorite products to prevent crotch rot currently on the market, try them out and let us know which works best for you!

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0 thoughts on “Ask The Underwear Expert: Products to Combat Crotch Rot?

  1. rick051984 says:

    I work outdoors in the heat. I am looking for a pair of underwear that is loose fitting but also keeps me cool. I sweat all the time. I don’t like the briefs because they pinch and bind on me. The boxer briefs are to hot. Is there anyone who help me?

     Thank You

    • DeeRock68 says:

      @rick051984 Like the Underwear Expert suggested to another reader, try another type of brief that is not 100% cotton and is designed for frontals to be comfortable, or you may be a boxers-type of guy. There are an array of styles out there that are a sure fit for you. I’ve found success with Andrew Christian, yet you can find other brands such as Calvin Klein that can suit you and are made with Spandex, which is absorbent and comfortable. If there’s a Sears in your area, you can probably find a brand there called Covington that is just as comfortable and costs less money.

  2. Curi Lemton says:

    Hi ,

    Would like to know if there is anything specific i should look for in case of summer wear (temp ranges easily from 35-45 degree C). Thanks. I m not particular about brief only or not…anything that’s there i can try and decide 🙂 Thanks

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