Alex Minsky: Sexy Vet Turned Model Makes Headlines

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As more media outlets catch wind of Alex Minsky’s unique and inspiring story, the 24-year-old U.S. Marine veteran turned underwear model has been making headlines for exposing more than just his elaborately inked-up skin.

Last month, the Venice, California native posed for an exclusive photo shoot by Gabriel Gastelum for The Underwear Expert, and spoke to us in an insightful interview about his modeling experience, overcoming addiction, and even how his prosthetic leg impacts his sex life. Since then, Alex Minsky news stories have been cropping up across many outlets, as his inspirational story takes hold.

Minsky lost his right leg at the age of 21, serving as a U.S. Marine in Afganistan in 2009 when he drove over an improvised explosive. After remaining in a coma for nearly 2 months, he awoke and began his difficult recovery. In the aftermath of his injury Minsky also struggled with alcohol addition, another obstacle which he has overcome.

Check out this video clip from NBC Los Angeles to hear more details about Minsky’s storied transition from wounded veteran to rising underwear model, and check out more photos from his recovery and our exclusive shoot below.

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Photo Credits: Gabriel Gastelum for The Underwear Expert, Alex Minsky.


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