Just Add Water: See-Through 2wink H2O Swim Brief

Feature 2wink H2O Swim Brief

2Wink H2O Swim Brief Ferrari

Has it ever seemed a little bit unfair that there is no male equivalent for a wet t-shirt competition? Aussie brand 2wink must have had that exact same thought while developing the all new H2O swim brief. With a pouch that goes from white to sheer when wet, the 2wink H2O swim brief ($47.23) leaves almost nothing to the imagination.

The 2wink H2O swim brief is made from 100% of the finest imported Italian nylon, which snuggly fits, hugging your body in all the right places. The low-rise swim brief is available in Ferrari red and Lamborghini black, with the company’s rubber logo in the front. “Something not to be worn around the family pool” laughs 2wink co-owner Carl McNeill, though we do think that would be one interesting story to tell.

The 2wink Swim brief is available in S-L.

2wink is available at 2wink.com.au

For more information on this brand: 2wink

2Wink H2O Swim Brief Black

Photo Credit: 2wink


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