Who Wore It Better: Travis Pastrana vs Bieber

In this Who Wore It Better, motorsports competitor and stuntman Travis Pastrana goes head to head with super boy pop star Justin Bieber in some Ethika underwear. Both guys lead a pretty intense lifestyle, but when it comes down to it, who wears their underwear better? Take a look at each guy, and then help us decide Who Wore It Better!

Travis Pastrana showed off some waistband in a magazine ad for Ethika, and we never knew motorsports racers looked that good. Being a motorsports competitor certainly takes some serious… well, balls. And what better to show that off than a pair of underwear? Does that automatically promote Travis to the position of supreme underwear model? Let’s check out his competition.

At this point, we’re not sure if Justin Bieber actually wants to be a musician, or just wants to show off his underwear and booty to the world. Either way, we’ve sort of given up being concerned about it. Whether you’re a Belieber or not, you’ve just gotta respect the fact that this kid looks good in a pair of undies, especially in this pair of Ethika underwear. Ready to vote? Well here we go!

Make sure to do some careful examining of Travis Pastrana, Justin Bieber and both guys’ Ethika underwear, then vote to decide Who Wore It Better!

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Photo Credit: Ethika Underwear, Instagram


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