Who Wore It Better: Shawn Morales vs Hugo Vieira

In this Who Wore It Better feature, we here at The Underwear Expert spotted model Hugo Vieira and RuPaul’s Drag Race pit crew member (and model) Shawn Morales both sporting some stylish and modern white briefs.White briefs are pretty much what started it all, and though styles of all shapes, colors and sizes have sprung into modern fashion, white briefs are still the most classic… Let’s take a look and see Who Wore It Better!

Hugo Vieira wore some white briefs by Emporio Armani in this photo shoot by photographer Brent Chua. The non-opening white briefs’ eye-catching waistband logo gives the piece some added flair, especially if you’re wearing them with a cardigan to match… The photo shoot, entitled “Keeping it Brief,” shows the beauty and simplicity of Hugo’s underwear. Rock on.

When he’s not busy as a pit crew member on RuPaul’s Drag Race, promoting LA clubs, or combing his fantastic mustache, Shawn Morales is catching everyone’s fancy in photo shoots like this one with photographer Gabriel Gastelum. Shawn returned to his LA home for this beautiful photo shoot, and he brought his favorite Andrew Christian pink and white briefs with him. His white briefs rule in this shot, but Who Wore It Better? Get ready to decide…

Make sure to do some careful examining of Hugo Vieira, Shawn Morales and both guys’ white briefs (are you an Underwear Expert or aren’t you??) and let us know Who Wore It Better!

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For more information on these brands: Emporio Armani, Andrew Christian 

Photo Credit: Brent Chua, Gabriel Gastelum


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