Who Wore It Better: Chord Overstreet vs The Ellen Underwear Model

In this Who Wore It Better feature, we turned the spotlight to the new leader of talk-show host underwear collections, Ellen underwear! Both Glee star Chord Overstreet and the official Ellen underwear model Gluteus Mikesimus have posed in the underwear, so we here at The Underwear Expert are turning it to the fans to decide Who Wore It Better!

Chord Overstreet has given us quite a few underwear sightings to be thankful for, with one of our favorites being his underwear sighting on the Ellen show. Chord looks pretty proud of his Ellen underwear, and we’re just glad the singer and actor isn’t afraid to drop trou on live television. Hallelujah! Now before you go off to watch clips of Glee and desperately hope for an underwear sighting, let’s take a look at the competition…

Despite all the stars that’ve showed some love for Ellen underwear, the wacky talk-show host found her underwear model (Mike Wolfinger AKA Gluteus Mikesimus) the right way, by turning it over to the fans. Even though she didn’t listen to any of The Underwear Expert’s suggestions, winning model Gluteus Mikesimus certainly left us impressed. Mike surely knows how to rock his Ellen underwear, but is it enough to say he wears it better than the stars (especially Chord Overstreet)? Get ready to decide…

Make sure to do some careful examining of Chord Overstreet, Gluteus Mikesimus and both guys’ Ellen Underwear (are you an underwear expert or aren’t you??), then vote to decide Who Wore It Better!

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Photo Credit: The Ellen Show


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