Watch This: Acrobat Underwear Model

Hitting home the point that their underwear is made for every man–even athletes and gymnasts–Canadian-based brand Garcon Model, or GM, has released a new video and photo series capturing a GM clad acrobat underwear model. In the video above, the acrobat flips and somersaults in the air, and at times breaks down and disappears into the air.


You’ll see the GM acrobat underwear model wearing a GM yellow Brazil Trunk with a green metallic waistband and a wraparound logo. The super soft and breathable underwear retails for $34.

Check out model and gymnast Filip Menkinovski, aka GM acrobat underwear model, in the pics below. Will you be doing GMnastics anytime soon?

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GMnastics Photos 11

GMnastics Photos 10

GMnastics Photos 9

GMnastics Photos 8

GMnastics Photos 7

GMnastics Photos 6

GMnastics Photos 5

GMnastics Photos 4

GMnastics Photos 3

For more information about this brand: Garcon Model

Photo Credit: Danijel Galic for Garcon Model
Video Director: Luka Štemberger


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