Vintage Pimp Offers Stylish Boxer Trunk

IMAGE Vintage Pimp Boxer Trunk

United Kingdom-based Vintage Pimp presents its collection of low-rise, hip trunks. Currently available, the Vintage Pimp Boxer Trunk (£20) is offered in five fun colors: black, white, red, aqua and blue.

Vintage Pimp Boxer Trunk White

The Vintage Pimp Boxer Trunk features a stylish array of contrast piping on the leg openings and contour pouch as well as stripes on the sides of the legs. The design of this collection falls in line with the brand’s principle of modern style.

“The whole idea of Vintage Pimp came to me one night when I was thinking about hip hop culture and fashion and what it means in modern culture, which is basically pimping out your style,” said Ashish Shah, owner of the brand. “I wanted to create a cheeky nod to this in a humorous way.”

Vintage Pimp targets young consumers who are looking for underwear that best expresses their state of being. “Pimping your own style relates to the fact we live in a post-modern world, in which there is nothing really new in fashion,” said Shah. “We see trends coming and going, but these are all inspired by previous decades. So it’s all about making the old new again. Our brand is aimed at the young guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously and likes to have some fun.”

The boxer trunks are made from a soft fabric blend that consists of 94% cotton and 6% elastane. This range includes a contoured pouch for much needed comfort and support. “Our underwear has a good fit,” said Shah. “We used a good quality cotton yarn and made sure we fitted this fabric in the best way.”

The Vintage Pimp Boxer Trunk is available in S-XL.

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For more information about this brand: Vintage Pimp

Vintage Pimp Boxer Trunk

Vintage Pimp Boxer Trunk Collection Red, White
Vintage Pimp Boxer Trunk Collection Blue
Vintage Pimp Boxer Trunk Black Yellow

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