[VIDEO] Xavier Delarue Hits the Road in Frenchpaks

Professional basketball player Xavier Delarue’s Frenchpaks campaign for the brand’s extra low-rise trunks finds the ripped athlete stripping down roadside.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZjmG7Z4d2I]

Designed and produced in Paris, Frenchpaks creates colorful, sexy styles that flatter the male body. This campaign for newly released colors in their collection of extra low-rise trunks finds Xavier Delarue escaping to the open road—and possibly even trying to hitch a ride by showing a little skin. The bold pink and turquoise colors serve him well in this regard, although his special visitor doesn’t seem to have a car either.

Photographed by international men’s photographer Fred Goudon, the new Frenchpaks campaign is meant to channel the feelings of summer, discovery and escape. They couldn’t have chosen a more perfect spot, shooting on location in the Spanish Canary Islands. With the bright sunlit landscape and lush, picturesque natural setting, we’re ready to leap right into the frame for an escape of our own.

Xavier certainly looks like he’d make pretty good company. Though if a pick-up game of basketball made it onto the itinerary, we’d be prepared for him to wipe the court with our underwear.

Check out the full video and photo shoot and let us know if you’d take Frenchpaks along on your great escape!

Available at Frenchpaks.com

Xavier Delarue frenchpaks 001

Xavier Delarue frenchpaks 002

Xavier Delarue frenchpaks 003

Xavie rDelarue frenchpaks 005








For more information about this brand: Frenchpaks

Photo Credit: Fred Goudon


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