[VIDEO] Underwear Scene of the Week: The Evening Star

Continuing with our new “Underwear Scene of the Week” feature, we here at The Underwear Expert aim to highlight all the classic underwear scenes in new and old movies alike. What better way to measure culture’s change throughout the years than in underwear? This week’s Underwear Scene of the Week features Scott Wolf and a pair of white boxer briefs in his scene in The Evening Star.

The Evening Star received pretty horrible reviews from critics, and did poorly at the box office, but the scene with Scott Wolf talking about how he wants to be an underwear model kind of makes it all okay for us. Scott Wolf’s character, Bruce, figured out the perfect plan all the way back in ’96: “I’m gonna be a model. I’m serious. Then, after I’ve made enough money modeling, I’ll start acting. That’s how it’s done, Mel.”

With a classic dartboard, a bench press in the bedroom, a random sombrero and a tie dye blanket hanging on the wall, this underwear movie scene is going to channel some serious 90’s nostalgia. Let’s all agree, the only thing truly timeless about this underwear movie scene is, well… the underwear.

Rewind those cassette tapes, watch the classic scene below and let us know if you’ve got any favorite underwear movie scenes!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui8boNX_rlg&w=420&h=315]

Photo Credit: Sitcoms Online, The Evening Star


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