[VIDEO] Niall Horan Underwear Antics!

This week Harry Styles tweeted a Niall Horan underwear Vine video of his One Direction bandmate dancing around backstage with socks over his hands and skivvies on his head.

We’ll just have to let you see for yourself:

It’s become clear the Niall Horan underwear obsession runs pretty deep. Just last month we caught a glimpse of the young star sporting girlfriend Laura Whitmore’s underwear on his head, in a photo he actually tweeted out himself (have we mentioned we love the internet?).

Of course, it’s not just Niall who’s got a thing for underwear antics in the ubiquitous mega-boy-band. Harry Styles’ sequin gold thong photo is still on heavy rotation in our office, as is the video of Harry getting pantsed on-stage by bandmate Liam Payne. It’s almost as if the boys are competing over who can stage the most outrageous underwear sighting (Best. Game. Ever!).

While they sure make the paparazzi’s job easy by tweeting out their own videos and selfies, we’ve also caught a number of other One Direction undies sightings, including some of the young dudes sporting swimwear.

With all that we’ve seen already, we can’t imagine what could be next! But there’s only one direction to go from here, and that’s up.


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