Mike Stalker Breaks A Sweat In C-IN2

In this Mike Stalker C-IN2 video shot by photographer Rick Day, the ripped model goes through his morning fitness routine and receives a surprise visit from a special guest.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=je3eXpsR4AY]

We’ve heard quite a bit from Mike Stalker recently, including the model’s insider fitness tips, a steamy photo shoot for C-IN2 also shot by Rick Day, and a full exclusive interview with The Underwear Expert. What can we say? We can’t get enough. After watching this Mike Stalker C-IN2 video, we doubt you’ll blame us.

Just when we thought we’d seen all there was to see of Mike’s collaboration with Rick Day, we caught a peek at this video of the underwear model in action. As you might imagine, to maintain his chiseled physique Mike rises before dawn to start his workout regimen. Or, did he come home after a long day of work on set to put in the extra hours on his best assets?

In any case, it’s definitely underwear o’clock in the Stalker household, and no one is exempt from the strict dress code. Mike shows off a different pair for every exercise, though he seems to get a bit distracted from working out by the arrival of his houseguest.

Check out the full Mike Stalker C-IN2 video above and let us know if you’d be willing to strip down for a private personal training session with Mike.

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