[VIDEO] Derek Allen Watson Model Talk

Model Talks are a blast, especially when our interview subject is as cute and fun to hang around as Derek Allen Watson. The 24-year-old model has a tight bod, cute scruffy mustache and a smile that could melt the polar ice caps.

As usual, we wasted no time asking the hard hitting questions. We found out Derek’s preferred Kardashian, whether he thinks Beyonce is in fact a fembot, and if he prefers eating dessert before or after sex. Little did he know that last one was actually a trick question—the correct answer was during, but we liked Derek’s reasoning too.

After all was said and done, we have to say we were a bit smitten. Hopefully we’ll be seeing much more of Derek in the future, a guy with a positive, open-hearted attitude like his is bound to hold on to his success.

Check out the full Derek Allen Watson Model Talk and let us know if you agree!


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