Ask The Underwear Expert: Underwear for Guys with Bubble Butts

Mike from Baton Rouge, LA: I don’t mean to brag but I have a pretty nice bubble butt. I’m looking for underwear that best shows me off. I often come across underwear that makes my behind look flat.

The Underwear Expert: Make no butts about it, Mike, it takes a specially designed brief, trunk or boxer brief to show off your natural curves!

When picking out underwear that truly shows off your rump, the first thing to consider is the cut of the rear. Our suggestion would be finding a vertical center seam that runs down the rear of the underwear. This design creates a memorable contour for any man with a bubble butt. The second consideration is color. Bold color contrasts and unique piping really helps your posterior stand out. Our picks feature flattering cuts and colors that will surely get you noticed.

Check out our suggestions of the best underwear for bubble butts and let us know which ones suit you best!

D.Hedral Seamless Brief (£24)
D.Hedral has been paving the way for butt contouring since 2011. The new seamless brief includes the brand’s patented Anglefit technology that is designed to create an improved and more tailored fit of your rear end. This technology factors the roundness of your butt to create a snug fit and offers three angles (135° Slim, 115° Average, 95° Full).

Available at

D.Hedral Seamless Brief

Papi Ibiza 2-Pack Trunks ($28)
This stylish range of trunks from Papi features a center seam on the seat, which truly shows off your cheeks. What’s even better, this collection’s polyester and spandex fabric blend is silky smooth and cool—perfect to wear during the warm weather months.  This trunk also pops with bright plaid colors to ensure that your bubble butt gets the attention it deserves. S-XL.

Papi Ibiza Cool2

Pikante Purpurata Boxer Brief ($28)
The creative team of Colombian-based Pikante is always coming up with new ways to show your behind. The brand’s latest boxer brief collection, Purpurata, does just that.  This boxer brief is made from a smooth fabric blend of 91% polyester and 9% spandex that includes a linear, horizontal texture and center seam backside to hug your butt.

Pikante Purpurata Boxer Brief Black 8369

Croota Night Surfer Hipster Trunk ($19.90 AUD)
For smaller guys with larger butts we recommend Croota, the Australian pioneers of butt-lifting trunks for small guys. Their designs offer a hybrid of a brief and trunk that accentuates the contour of your posterior. The hipster trunks present striking visual designs too. The Night Surfer Hipster Trunk is highlighted with three stitching lines in light blue on the bottom of the white rear.

Croota Night Surfer Black Trunk

For more information about these brands: Croota, D.Hedral, Papi, Pikante

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0 thoughts on “Ask The Underwear Expert: Underwear for Guys with Bubble Butts

  1. manjam says:

     In MY experience, guys with real bubble butts need no help showing it off because they will look hot in just about any pair of skivvies with a waistband large enough to slide over their rump.  It’s the rest of us who are looking for the best combo of stripe, cut, and seaming to make the most of the ASSet we do have.  Dig?

  2. ArmandoReyes says:

    Me gusta. El. Color. Negro. Se. Ve. Que. Son. De. Buena. Calidad. En. Donde. Se. Consiguen. En. San Diego. California. Y. Cual. Tienda. Los. Vende. Saludos. A. Todos. Desde. Tijuana. México.

  3. Robert Falato says:


    I need your help!!

    I would like to order boxer briefs that provide lots of lift and support. I prefer cotton but will try some that contain other fabric as well. I also would like a fairly large pouch since I am well endowed.

    I have ordered Jack Adams with your recommendation and I love them primarly for yoga and working out. However, I am looking for comfortable and supportive every day underwear to purchase. I tried the mesh Jack Adams but do not like them as much as the heavier duty 90% cotton / 10% elastane I wear for yoga.

    Do you have other ideas you can recommend for every day use based upon the above parameters?? I will try as many different pairs/brands/manufacturers as you can suggest because this is a major deal for me and I am on a mission!!

    Thank you very much for your information!! It will be much appreciated!!

  4. Karl says:

    I’m [relatively] unconcerned with appearance, but would really like briefs that actually keep my cheeks down to the perineum. Fabric on fabric is better than (hairy) skin on skin as I move through the day. Do any of these approximate that design? Or anything yo have come across since?

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