Underwear Athlete of the Week: Tom Daley

British Olympic diver Tom Daley was all over The Underwear Expert’s radar during the 2012 summer olympics (and earlier this month). Now that summer’s coming back around, it’s good to see Tom at the beach again! To celebrate the underwear/swimwear sightings to come, as well as all the wonderful sightings he gave us last summer, we’re highlighting Tom Daley as our Underwear Athlete of the Week!

Since last year, we’ve seen Tom Daley jump off of super high diving boards, lay out in the rain, chill at the beach, and really just doing all the things an 18 year old should be doing in their spare time. When he’s not running around in his swimwear, Tom has also made it clear to the public how much he loves Calvin Klein Underwear. 18 years old, and this kid already has his underwear style down pat.

Check out our favorite Tom Daley underwear and swimwear sightings, and then check out some more here!

For more information on this brand: Calvin Klein Underwear

Photo Credit: Twitter, Instagram, SquareHippies, TopDrawers


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