Ty Burrell on Skates and More TV Star Underwear Sightings

This week on the trusty tube we caught a Ty Burrell underwear sighting on wheels, a whole line-up of musical stars stripping down to their boxer shorts, and other stars who had to make do with no underwear at all.

The only thing we like more than a full-frontal (or rearward)  underwear sighting, is an underwear mystery. We discovered quite a few this week, and we just know they’re going to be keeping us awake at night lost in thought.

Check out this week’s TV Star Underwear Sightings, which ran the gambit from musical comedy to fantasy drama and beyond. Can you crack the unsolved mysteries?

First, we have Ty Burrell getting pantsed down to his white briefs on roller-skates. Talk about high school flashbacks.

While we’re reliving our teens, we never thought we’d stumble upon a total underwear jackpot on Nickelodeon, of all networks. But here they are, the boys of Big Time Rush in various states of undress: Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr., and Logan Henderson. Here’s where the mysteries begin—is our muscle bound friend in the tank wearing boxers too?


We’re always on board with the towel-for-underwear sub, especially when it’s pulled off with as much charm as it was by Wilson Bethel on Heart of Dixie.

The jazz hands don’t hurt either.


While we’ve speculated what kind of underwear the men of Game of Thrones might be wearing underneath their tunics and armor, spotting them in their skivvies can be an upward battle. Just when Richard Madden looks primed for a candlelit underwear sighting..

Come to find out, he’s not wearing any! Mystery number 2.


Jesse Spencer gave us a glimpse of his blue waistband as he drifted off to sleep in Chicago Fire.

But only his companion knows for certain what’s lurking under the covers. We might have to hire a private investigator at this point.

Photo Credits: Boxers-or-Briefs, Superherofan.net, MaleCelebNews


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