The Hottest Stars of Star Wars In Underwear

In case you weren’t aware, May 4th officially marks Star Wars day! Because saying the day as “May the fourth” sounds so much like “May the force be with you,” Star Wars fans all over celebrate this as their own personal sci-fi Easter… well, pretty much.

So, to celebrate, we rounded up the hottest underwear pics of Star Wars characters and actors alike, and we we’re actually pretty surprised with how much good stuff there was out there. Ready for some serious Star Wars hotness in underwear? Check out our favorite pics and May the fourth be with you!

Harrison Ford is like, the classic Star Wars hunk. If you don’t look at him and immediately think Han Solo or Indiana Jones, you must live under a rock.

Ray Park played the creepy thorny guy, Darth Maul, in Episode I: The Phantom Menace. You probably can’t tell without the make up… but it’s more attractive this way.

Uh… This is definitely the real Boba Fett…

Hayden Christensen played the older Anakin in episodes 2 and 3. Come on, with that seductive face, did you really not think he was headed for the dark side??

Liam Neeson played the hippie-looking Jedi in episode 1. He died that same episode… but whatever. Still hot.

Ewan McGregor played Obi-Wan Kenobi from Padawan to middle-aged Jedi in episodes 1-3, and he definitely rocked every age range…

Uh… Harrison?

If every Stormtrooper looked like this underneath, we can’t imagine why they wore any costume at all…

Mark Hamill briefly showed his underwear in like, one movie he did after Star Wars… but no one saw it.

Yes, Harrison! Yes!

Plus, everyone loved that moment when Parker Hurley jumped in to save Luke at Jabba’s Palace…

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