Strapping Lad of the Week: Quinn Jaxon

Another week goes by, and so we celebrate another “Strapping Lad” in his jockstrap. This week, we just had to give kudos to Andrew Christian model Quinn Jaxon for all the photo magic he’s made in a jockstrap. Hooray Quinn Jaxon jockstrap photos!

From topping off the list of hottest assless underwear photos (that’s right, Quinn was #1), to even having an article written on The Underwear Expert of his 10 hottest photos, Quinn Jaxon jockstrap photos are a pretty hot commodity. For all the squeamish guys who look at a skimpy jockstrap and say “Why would anyone wear that??” simply looking at Quinn provides the answer.

Jockstraps never looked better, so make sure to check out Quinn and as our Strapping Lad of the Week, and see some more photos and an interview here!

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Photo Credit: Andrew Christian


0 thoughts on “Strapping Lad of the Week: Quinn Jaxon

  1. jckfmsincty says:

    Another good looking guy with some god awful tattoos.  No doubt, they mean something to him.  But really, they are just distracting and ugly.

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