Scotsman Invents Underwear for Dressing Left or Right

With his new line of Cahoonas underwear, Simon Phillips answers the age old question: How’s it hanging? Briefs from the entrepreneur’s collection are designed to provide tailored support based on whether men dress to the left or to the right.

Of his inspiration for inventing Cahoonas underwear with this unique, individualized design element, Phillips says:

“I felt men were being bypassed by all the design changes that had benefitted women’s underwear in terms of fabrics, curve stitching and so on. […] Then when I found out that 75 per cent of men dress to the left and 25 per cent to the right and I realised no underwear designers were taking that into consideration I knew something had to be done.”

Phillips worked in conjunction with folks in the textile department at Heriot-Watt University to develop the specialty underwear, which feature an ‘S pocket’ design in front to provide ‘a more ergonomic, comfortable fit.’

The underwear will retail for £27, and the company has already received over £5000 in pre-orders. Phillips is pictured below with his wife Georgia Goodall, with whom he founded Cahoonas. Check out the brand’s Kickstarter page here.

What do you think, would you go for support tailored to one side of your swing?

Photo Credit: Ian Georgeson



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