Sacrebleu! French Brand Creates Scented Underwear

le slip francais indomitable

Le Slip Francais Indomitable underwear is designed with its own built-in fragrance, ensuring a sweet smelling pair that lasts all day long, regardless of what you get up to.

The French-made start-up brand first came to our attention back in January, when Le Slip Francias released a video featuring an underwear demonstration that made interesting use of a hammer and eggs. The leading brand didn’t fare to well, while Le Slip Francais somehow transformed into the perfect omelette-maker (you kind of have to watch it).

Well, the scent incorporated into the brand’s new Indomitable brand steers clear of the dairy aisle in favor of a more palatable musk and pear combination. According to the brand’s site, the scent is activated only while the underwear is in action on the body rather than in the drawer or at rest. So, it won’t spread its pleasing odor around to the rest of you underwear drawer, just around your actual drawers.

The unique scented design of Le Slip Francais Indomitable line is meant to last for up to 30 washings, after which point they turn into a pumpkin and you’re on your own.

What do you think, are scented briefs worth saving the extra spritz of body spray that would normally end up down your pants?

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Photo Credit: Le Slip Francais


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