Protect Your Family Jewels with Bulletproof Underwear

Strong enough to withstand more than a swift kick in the balls, the new bulletproof underwear cups above, developed by Jeremiah Raber of Missouri, have caught the attention of the US military. Raber, who was interviewed for a story by local news station KSDK (above), demonstrated the extreme protective properties of his made-at-home cup by shooting it with multiple bullets.

Raber’s protective cups, aptly branded Armored Nutshellz, include the trusted bulletproof material Kevlar combined with what he calls ‘ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene.’ With this unique combination perfected over several years, he’s created a highly specialized form of armor that military officials thinks might be useful to provide soldiers in combat.

While Raber designed the cups for use in martial arts practice, he also markets them to other full-contact athletes as well as police and military professionals. The military has invested in protective underwear in the past, though Raber believes his product surpasses many others that aren’t able to withstand the same amount of extreme force.

Assembled using a mold he built himself, Nutshellz bulletproof cups are available for a retail price of $125 each.

What do you think, would you pick one up for your next bout of full contact sports or classified dangerous mission?

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