Model of the Week: Cory Lee

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As The Underwear Expert, we see model after model week after week. They sometimes even blur together. So, when we see a guy like Cory Lee, we know we have to take a second look. Cory definitely deserves a second.. and possibly a third, fourth, and fifth.

We’ve featured Mr. Cory Lee on The Underwear Expert before. He made a special appearance in Colby Melvin’s birthday dinner video, prepared by fiance Brandon Brown. We featured him earlier this week in a video model interview as well.

Now to the goods. We’ve seen Cory in tons of underwear photos, and they’re about as varied as our underwear drawer. He serves face, high fashion grunge and more. Read all about Cory below and hit the photos after the jump!

Cory Lee_3Name: Cory Lee

Born and Raised: Burnet, Texas

Current Location: Los Angeles, California

Astrological Sign: Gemini

Relationship Status: Single

Height: 5’8

Weight: 140lbs

Waist: 28″

Shoe Size: 9

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Cory Lee Shoots Blanks

Modeling for Andrew Christian is like… a dream come true for me. There is never a dull moment. I’m living by the beach and meeting fun, beautiful, interesting people who have become like family to me. Getting to travel the world with them is just an added bonus. I speak for all of the Andrew Christian boys when I say I am having the time of my life and that it is a blessing to get to experience all of this with such an incredible cast and crew.

My experience working for Andrew Christian can be described in this one word… exhausting! But it’s more than worth it.

If I could have dinner with anyone in the world… My mom. I didn’t get to spend much time with her during my childhood, and looking back on my life I wish I could have.

If I could have a sleepover with anyone in the world… If Brad Pitt would put out he would be my #1 choice.

If I had a superpower it would be… I like to believe I already have a super power and it’s persuasion. I get what I want =)

I own about X pairs of Andrew Christian underwear… 60

5 years from now, I’ll be… 27. Who knows where I’ll be. Last year I didn’t even know I would be modeling with Andrew Christian. Last week I didn’t even know I would be traveling outside the country with them. Life is full of surprises and I am very much a “live in the moment” kind of guy.  😉

Check out this totally random (but still hot!) gallery of photos of Cory Lee. Enjoy!

Cory Lee_1  Cory Lee_3

Cory Lee_4

Cory Lee_5

Cory Lee_6

Cory Lee_7

Cory Lee_8

Cory Lee_9

Cory Lee_10

Cory Lee_11

Cory Lee_12

Cory Lee_13

Cory Lee_14

Cory Lee_15

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Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, Adam Bouska, Cody Scott, Runway Icon


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  1. charmedboi18 says:

    Ok I know that models are suppose to be drop dead handsome but for me this one takes the prize all the way and he seems really down to earth. I would love to meet him!

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