Man and the Moon: 10 Models Bare All

Tides rise and fall with the orbit of the moon, and the same seems to go for underwear waistbands in these revealing photos we assembled of bare ass models.

While there are many styles of assless underwear out there to showcase the rear-end, a few of these models find more creative ways to show a little skin. But mostly, they let their jockstraps do the talking. And why not? This is a clear lesson on letting your underwear work for you—an astrology lesson, if you will.

Check out our gallery of men and their moons, and let us know if they peak your interest in outer space.

Above, we have Kirill Dowidoff shot by  Mitya Nevsky, and again below for ES Collection.

What’s that? Oh, our phone is ringing, and it’s Kirill. We’ll have to call you back, buddy… Wait, you still have a landline??

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John Strand gives new meaning to a breath of fresh air in his Jack Adams.

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Adam Ayash goes for more of a crescent moon in this shot by Michael A. Downs.

Kaylan Falgoust goes for a three-quarters approach accompanied by a vicious stare, reminding us of a curiously hairless werewolf in N2N.

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Michael Milton serves up a new moon pose in this shot by Rick Day.

Matthew Camp shows he’s a Nasty Pig in this shot by Edwin Pabon.

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Markus Ricci pulls down his waistband to towel off in this shot by Rick Day.

Angelo Peterson pushes himself up off the floor in this shot by Rick Day.

Vasa Nestorovic reaches for the prize in this shot by Thomas Synnamon. And it’s… just out of reach.

Cory Bond finds a way to keep warm in this shot by Vincent Dilio. If you’re going to feel the breeze on your behind, might as well cover up with fur, dahling!

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Photo Credits: Mitya Nevsky, Michael A. Downs, ES Collection, Jack Adams, Rick Day, Thomas Synnamon, Vincent Dilio, Edwin Pabon, N2N.


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