Malebasics: Equal Parts Fetish and Comfort

Malebasics is an admittedly bipolar underwear brand. Half of the Montreal-based brand is Malebasics Underwear, a basics line made up of standard styles and performance undergarments. Its other more sensual half is Malebasics Eroticwear, a sexy and inventive branch for the more adventurous customer. We explore both sides of this progressive brand in an exclusive interview with Reinaldo Calcaño, Malebasics’ vice president of marketing.

“It is definitely a challenge to have two lines of products that are so different from one another,” Calcaño told The Underwear Expert. “However, we see this as an advantage as well–whenever our customer is ready to go exploring or if he gets curious, we are there for him.”

Malebasics’ basics range consists of cotton underwear and performance microfiber underwear. Intended to make you forget about the fact that you are wearing underwear at all, both cotton and microfiber pieces are created with luxury and comfort in mind.

The cotton collection is made of a high quality cotton blend (93% cotton and 7% lycra) that is both durable and soft. The microfiber collection is made of 22% nylon and 78% lycra which maximizes airflow and minimizes moisture.

The brand’s basics briefs, boxers and trunks are made in a way so that the fabric adheres to your body in all the right places and gives you space where you need it most, without forfeiting support.”

For a range whose slogan is “COMFORT NON PLUS ULTRA,” which is Latin for “nothing farther beyond,” one wouldn’t be surprised by this emphasis on comfort at all. Its more than a slogan, it’s a mission statement. The Malebasics goal is to create the most comfortable underwear possible at an affordable price.

Read more about Malebasics erotic range after the jump. You can see the difference between the dual ranges in the promotional images below!

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For men who forgo comfort and fit for pieces that feature progressive, erotic touches, there is the Malebascis Eroticwear range. Here, the range’s slogan is “Are you ready to wear your next adventure?” which pretty much explains what your in store for when wearing Malebasics more sensual range.

The sexy counterpart to Malebasics cotton and microfiber range utilizes lace, tulle and fishnets. But this erotic apparel isn’t for just anyone. As Calcaño explains, “We know that there is a market for overconfident guys out there, who are on the avant-garde, and who are really comfortable with who they are and how they feel about their bodies and their sensuality. These are the explorers and pioneers of the uncharted territory of eroticwear.”

Cotton or tulle, whichever your preference, Malebasics is a brand for your consideration. With five solid years under its belt and the energy for a complete brand overhaul sometime this year, we’re expecting great things from this two-faced brand. They aren’t showing any signs of slowing down we’re told; just what that means is yet to be seen, but die-hard fans won’t have to wait too long for outstanding products. On the brand’s soon to be released summer range, Calcaño states: “We are very excited to show our newest designs to the world and share it with our fans and customers.”

Malebasics might be a divided house, but it stands on a solid foundation of high quality products and purpose driven change. It’s up to you whether or not you’re ready to make the jump from basic underwear to eroticwear, but when you are Malebasics has your back. And if you’re not so keen on ever exploring fetishwear, there’s no need to worry because Malebascis will always have something for everyone.

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