Get Rowdy: ES Collection Spring Photos

es collection spring photos 006

Male models! In sexy underwear! And they’ve gone wild! Be sure to watch your back while enjoying the latest ES Collection spring photos. You never know what a group of beefy male models is capable of when they get into a certain mood. It’s better to be safe than sorry, that’s what we always say.

In addition to engaging in some underwear tug-of-war, a couple of these ES Collection models (including one of our favorites, Kirill Dowidoff) take to the kitchen. From the looks on their faces it looks like they’re ready to get into some trouble, or at least make a hot mess of things. Also, we’re not sure cooking in ass-less underwear adheres to health regulations, but since it’s Kirill we’ll just look the other way.

Check out these ES Collection spring photos and remember this—if you can’t take the heat, take your ass out in the kitchen.

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