Fiesta Hard with the Cinco de Mayo Stripping Game

Hola, underwear fans. Are you ready to get loco? This Sunday is Cinco de Mayo – the day nachos lovers eagerly await as if it were Christmas. Here at The Underwear Expert, we’ll be celebrating with traditional Mexican food, fine añejo tequila, latin underwear brands and the Cinco de Mayo stripping game. This juego of chance and deception is based on “liars dice,” better known to most college kids as “the Mexican drinking game.” Feel free to incorporate a few cervezas into the mix, and get ready to take it all off.

What you need:

  • A few amigos
  • Two dice
  • An opaque cup for dice rolling


The first player rolls two dice under a cup. He looks into the cup without letting the other player see what he has rolled. He claims a roll number. You calculate the roll number by reading the higher die as the 10s place and the lower as the 1s (for example, a roll of 4 and 3 would equal 43, not seven). Doubles are higher than 6-5, and what would be the lowest roll, 2-1, is a “Mexican” and higher than 6-6.

The next player may do one of two things. If he believes the roller, he simply takes the dice (without looking at the result), rolls and claims a higher scoring roll. If he does not believe the roller, the cup is lifted, revealing the roller’s hand. Either the bluffer or incorrect challenger must take off an item of clothing.

Play continues to the left, and each subsequent player must claim a higher roll than the player before.

Got it so far? Here are the special roll rules!

Special rolls:

  • 3-1 Social (everyone takes off an article of clothing, cancel all previous rolls, roll again to open).
  • 3-2 Reverse (change direction and previous player takes off an article of clothing, cancel all previous rolls, roll again to open).
  • 2-1 Mexican (if the cup is lifted revealing a Mexican, the incorrect challenger takes off TWO articles of clothing, if the following player does not challenge, he must still take off an article of clothing, since nothing is higher than Mexican).

Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Let us know how you’re celebrating in the comments below.

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