“Epic” Josh Hutcherson Underwear Sightings

Though leagues of fangirls swear they were his biggest fans since Bridge to Terabithia and Zathura, Josh Hutcherson’s role as Peeta in The Hunger Games boosted his fame status through the roof. Of course, since then, Josh Hutcherson underwear sightings have become quite the commodity as well.

Despite the fact that Josh Hutcherson is so loved by his fans for his physical appearance, the 20 year old movie star has a new animated movie, Epic, coming out on May 24th. Sad face. We’re going to go ahead and say there’s no possible way any fans will be getting a new underwear sighting from Josh Hutcherson through this animated flick, so instead, we’re just going to put together some underwear sightings, and save everyone the trouble.

Whether it’s just simple board shorts on the beach, or a boxers sighting over his jeans, Josh doesn’t get too crazy with his underwear (we give him a B-, at least he’s not commando!), but style aside he can make it all look good.

Are you crazy in love with Peeta? Check out our favorite Josh Hutchinson underwear sightings and let us know what you think!

Photo: Celeb News, Television and That, Tumblr, Josh Hutcherson Fan Club


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