Colby and Luke Talk Calvins in West Hollywood


Colby Melvin is back in action with another edition of Boxers or Briefs! Hitting the streets of Los Angeles, Colby stops and talks to Luke, an Australian-born personal trainer who swears by his Calvin Klein Underwear.

Being that fitness is his business, it’s clear that Luke knows how to rock a nice pair of flattering underwear (as Colby himself suggests). Among other hot topics, Colby and Luke discuss strategies for keeping fresh below the belt in the LA sun, how often to refresh your underwear drawer, and what cut goes best with short shorts.

Watch this edition of Boxers or Briefs with Colby Melvin, and hail us down if you want Colby to make a stop in your hometown for some under the covers investigation!

For more information about this brand: Calvin Klein Underwear


0 thoughts on “Colby and Luke Talk Calvins in West Hollywood

  1. john says:

    love watching your interviews talking to guys about their choice of underpants
    well done  keep up the good work

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