Who Wore It Better: Pawel vs Michael Fassbender

Everyone wants to be stylish in their underwear, but when it comes to underwear models and celebrities, it seems like attractive minds think alike. We catch identical underwear sightings all over this place, and then there’s only one thing to do: have a Who Wore It Better contest for our readers! In this Who Wore It Better, we saw model Pawel and actor Michael Fassbender both wearing some white long johns. But Who Wore It Better? Let’s took a look at each, and then cast your vote to decide!

We saw Pawel Nowak heating things up in his white long johns for this photo shoot with Wojciech Zarychta. For a guy wearing long underwear, Pawel is particularly seductive in this photo shoot. Pawel poses by a window in some other shots in the photo shoot, and keeps pulling at his top to make things more steamy. Do you think Pawel can pull off a sexy look in his white long johns? Let’s check out his celeb competition…

Actor Michael Fassbender’s got some great underwear sightings, and saw him wearing some white long johns along with a traditional thermal top in this photo shoot. Though he also exudes seductive sex appeal, we see a much more stoic look to Michael as opposed to Pawel’s boyish charm. What do you think? Does Michael Fassbender’s star power win you over? Are you strictly in this for the underwear? Scroll down to vote for favorite and help us decide Who Wore It Better!

Ready to vote? Make sure to do some careful examining of Pawel Nowak, Michael Fassbender, and their white long johns (are you an Underwear Expert, or aren’t you??) and vote to decide Who Wore It Better!

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Photo Credit: Wojciech Zarychta, SwoonWorthy


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