Who Wore It Better: Mitt Romney vs Jon Hamm

While you usually see us pairing off underwear models and celebs here at The Underwear Expert, this week we caught a pairing we just couldn’t pass up. In an effort to let the people decide on who’s hottest in really any pair of underwear, ex-presidential candidate Mitt Romney (remember him?) and notoriously commando actor Jon Hamm face off in what we can only call Mormon underwear. We know, we know, this one is a little out of the usual, but requires judgment, regardless! Check out all the info and vote to decide Who Wore It Better!

Republican ex-presidential candidate Mitt Romney caught some flack for being a Mormon, but really the most fascinating part about the whole thing was when his underwear came in to play. Traditional Mormon underwear garments, which the public generally assumed Romney wears, became the sole laughing point of TV talk shows, political cartoons, you name it. It was all a little weird, but hey, when was underwear ever so political? We’re saying he gets some serious controversy points here, but let’s take a look at his competition!

Jon Hamm is sort of our little work-in-progress right now. Pretty much the entire world knows how much this guy is working with, yet he refuses to invest in some good underwear. Maybe someday he’ll sit down with us and give us the scoop, but for now, we’re just sort of watching his whole saga unfold in amazement. Despite his opposition to anything undergarment-related, the actor did wear what looked like quasi Mormon underwear in a scene from Mad Men (we told you this one was out of the usual). Well, Who Wore It Better? Scroll down to vote!

Make sure to do some careful examining of Mitt Romney (never thought we’d say that, did you?), Jon Hamm, and their semi-decent quasi Mormon underwear, and vote to decide Who Wore It Better!

Photo Credit: AMC, Mormon Secret


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