[VIDEO 2] One Night Stand Philip Fusco

In part two of Gregg Homme’s sexy video series One Night Stand, Philip Fusco steps out of the shower and into a pair of mesh underwear just in time for a visit from some surprise special guests.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of watching part one, by all means you should do so here. We’ll also give you a short recap just to get you up to speed.

[Cue debonaire voice over:] Previously on One Night Stand Philip Fusco arrived home after a late night on the town. Like any bachelor living the dream in a tricked out pad, he stripped down to his Gregg Homme’s and poured himself a drink. Just as he was sitting back on his couch to enjoy a sip, he got a call from an unknown number (we’ll just call a spade a spade—it was a booty call). So, he quickly tidied up the apartment and hopped in the shower.

Now you’re ready to wach him step out in a towel (although, we have a feeling you were ready all along). Just as Philip is picking out the perfect pair of Gregg Homme underwear for a memorable evening, he gets a knock on the door, though it’s not the one he expects.

Check out part two of Gregg Homme’s One Night Stand, and let us know what you think really happened to Phil that night.

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