[VIDEO] Greg Serebuoh Model Talk

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WR–LDktHLo?rel=0]

In our Greg Serebuoh Model Talk, we asked the fit model about his favorite underwear brands, relationship status, and of course his thoughts on Ke$ha v Lana Del Rey.

Greg isn’t just a pretty face and perfect body (although he is, of course, both of those things), he’s also a writer, an actor, and a musical artist. Don’t some boys just have all the luck? His striking looks and unique talents as a performer have undoubtedly help to set him apart from other models in the business.

He took some time out from his multitasking career to answer a few of our favorite questions in his underwear. Greg was really fun and easy to talk to, and we definitely had to make some lighting adjustments on set because his smile lit up the room. It’s true! His winning grin ought to be harnessed as a source of sustainable energy. We’re working on informing government agencies.

Since he is a musician, we could help but ask him to chime in on the controversy surrounding Beyonce’s lip-syncing of the National Anthem. We thought about asking him to sing it himself, but then we thought that might be one step too far.

Learn more about this cheery dreamboat in our Greg Serebuoh Model Talk, and let us know if you have any questions for Greg of your own!


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