Best Australian Underwear Brands

So many stellar companies in Australia are entering the market with great new collections, here we round up ten of the best Australian underwear brands. From fun, sporty swimwear and bold printed briefs to high performance utility wear, these companies are on the cutting-edge of underwear fashion and innovation.

Check out ten of our favorite Australian underwear brands below. Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

Cocksox (pictured above): This Sydney based brand offers a wide range of sexy, stylish underwear and beach-ready swimwear. The main feature of Cocksox’s unique design is a pouch constructed to lift and enhance your package.

AussieBum: For over ten years AussieBum has been internationally renown for its fun, playful designs in both underwear and swimwear. All of AussieBum’s manufacturing and business operations are run completely out of the company’s headquarters in a suburb in Sydney.


Equmen: This technologically innovative brand creates a variety of garments using compressive fabrics that increase blood flow during athletic activity. The company’s name means “Equality for Men,”as their undergarments aim to improve how all men look and feel through form shaping undergarments.


Jac5: Olympic swimmer James Magnussen models for this Hong Kong based brand founded by Australian-American designer Jim Christopher. The brand, whose name is inspired by Jim’s five Jack Russell terriers, strives to make fun, stylish and comfortable underwear.


Stonemen: This Australian-based brand pays close attention to comfort and support as well as original design, including briefs that showcase seamless 360-degree, digital prints.


2Wink: Named after the famous Australian gesture of the wink, this brand prides itself on quality product construction and design, including color blocking in bold, vibrant colors.


2Eros: Boasting a strong connection to the Australian lifestyle, the brand aims to provide underwear and swimwear for men that are stylish, timeless and functional, while going beyond conventional design.

Supawear: Founded by the creators behind 2Eros, Supawear provides men with sexy, fun and affordable essentials designed to make them feel like superheroes. The brand prides itself for offering ‘supa’ quality and design, meant for extraordinary men.

Sly: This brand collaborates with Australian artists to conceive quirky and edgy designs inspired by the country’s progressive youth culture and beautiful beaches.

Funky Trunks: This brand focuses on form and functionality while pushing outside the box in innovative design. Founded in Melbourne, Funky Trunks creates high quality garments that mix utility, vibrancy and originality.


Obviously: In addition to its focus on innovative design for providing increased comfort, this Australian brand also promotes environmentally friendly textile practices.

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Photo Credits: 2Eros, 2Wink, AussieBum, Cocksox, Equmen, Funky Trunks, Jac5, Obviously, Stonemen, Supawear


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