Underwear Styles to Feed Your Napoleon Complex

Napoleon Complex 01

Everybody remember Napoleon? The really short Emperor of France? Yeah, well on this day in history, April 4th, 1814, Napoleon abdicated (or gave up his throne) due to France being consumed by the British Coalition. We know, boring history, but we here at The Underwear Expert figured this would be the perfect day to help you underwear lovers learn how to fix your Napoleon Complex.

A “Napoleon Complex,” in case you aren’t familiar, is a term someone uses to describe a characteristic of a person who isn’t as big, or as confident as others. Believe it or not, this comes up a lot in the underwear industry with styles and designs being made to enhance the wearer’s appearance and what not.

Don’t believe us? Check out our 4 underwear style picks  to feed your Napoleon Complex and let us know if you wear any of them!

Low No-Show Briefs – C-IN2 Hand Me Down Low No-Show brief
Napoleon would’ve loved a brief like this that perfectly frames the package. No matter what size you are, the no-show rise of this awesome C-IN2 underwear style puts your guys front and center. And with a color like this, there’s no denying you’re RED-y to give up your throne. Get it?
Napoleon Complex 02

Anti-Muffin Top – Andrew Christian Almost Naked Infinity brief
Muffin Tops are the worst, and if there’s any kind of underwear that can reduce it, we say it’d be great to lower any man’s Napoleon Complex.

Napoleon Complex 06

Butt Enhancement –  D. Hedral Gigolo Joe brief
This brand’s AngleFit butt enhancement technology is probably one of the coolest and most effective rear enhancing styles out there. Junk in the trunk give you the courage you need to lead an army into war? Try this brief out.
Napoleon Complex 03
Frontal/Rear Definition – Clever Moda Sport Microfiber boxer brief
Maybe you’ve already got the good stuff, your underwear just doesn’t show it off very well. Well, my friend, time for some new underwear. This style features a center-seam pouch and vertical-seam backside to lift and plump front to back.

Napoleon Complex 05

Photo Credit: Bling My Undies, C-IN2, D. Hedral, Wikipedia, Clever Moda


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