Underwear Fitness: Go Green’s Crazy Pushups

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Looking for a routine hard and challenging enough to be a fitness model workout? Why not just get routines from the pro underwear fitness models themselves! In this exclusive fitness talk with underwear model Go Green, he showed us how to do some crazy pushups, which are technically called “Swiss Ball Bosu Push Ups to Pike.”

The minute he said the name of his fitness model workout, we let out a unanimous “Huh?” But fear not, readers, we had Go Green break down all the steps of his crazy pushups (the “Swiss Ball Bosu Push Ups to Pike”) and we’ve laid them out here so it makes perfect sense.

Scroll down to check out Go Green’s crazy pushups for your fitness model workout, and let us know if you feel the burn! For a video interview with Go Green, head here.

Go Green’s Crazy Pushups, “The Swiss Ball Bosu Push Up To Pike”

Step 1.

Place your hands shoulder-width apart on the flat side of the bosu.

Fitness Model Workout 03

Step 2.

Set your feet in the center of the swiss ball, and extend your arms until you are in “hollow body” position.

Fitness Model Workout 02

Step 3.

Maintaining “hollow body,” lower your chest to the bosu. Keep your elbows in nice and tight, then perform a push up.

Fitness Model Workout 05

Step 4.

At the top of the push up, enter the pike position.

Fitness Model Workout 01


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