Tyson Ballou Hits the Beach in H&M Swimwear

h&m swimwear 005

Model Tyson Ballou shows off his golden tan in this sun-drenched H&M swimwear campaign, featuring beach ready trunks in a variety of styles and colors.

H&M’s 2013 beachwear collection includes styles with stripes, color blocking, solid colors and more—all of which look stellar on Tyson, especially under the sun in front of crystal blue water. Looking through these photos, we can’t wait until summer really starts to sizzle and we can head out to the water with trunks of our own. Until then, living vicariously through Tyson isn’t such a bum wrap.

Check out the full photo spread featuring Tyson splashing around in H&M swimwear and let us know your favorite looks!

h&m swimwear 001

h&m swimwear 002

h&m swimwear 003

h&m swimwear 004

h&m swimwear 007

h&m swimwear 006

h&m swimwear 008

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Photo Credit: H&M


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