Top 5 Chris Meloni Underwear GIFs and Photos

To wish the oft-undressed TV star a Happy Birthday, we’ve collected the best and most outrageous Chris Meloni underwear gifs and photos on the web. There are just so many to choose from. From his many years on Law & Order: SVU to his roles on HBO’s Oz and True Blood, this guy has played everything from detective to prisoner to the 500-year-old leader of vampires everywhere. He’s proven the one thing that every man and vampire have in common is wearing underwear.

The above business suit-to-bikini swivel gif from HBO’s Oz is arguably the best underwear gif of all time. We’ll excuse you while you trance out watching it for a bit.

This one from Law & Order: SVU is a close second:


Here’s Chris climbing out of his shirt again, this time as the leader of all vampire-kind on True Blood. We’ve always wondered what kind of undergarments are best for guys who sleep underground all day. Looks like our birthday boy is keeping that secret well hidden here.


In this shot, Chris opts for white boxer shorts underneath his jeans.


Even out of character, the real Chris Meloni wears swimwear too!


In this more intimate shot, we also spy the actor’s preference for grey underwear. Not to mention his Jesus tattoo.

Photo Credits: FameWatch, Homorazzi, SocialiteLife, fuckyeahchristophermeloni.tumblr


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