5 Perfect Underwear Prom Kings

Remember those prom days? Headed to your own prom? Either way, prom can be good or bad. If you ask us, however, the best kind of prom is an underwear prom, and we’re making it a reality right NOW. Yeah, that’s right, and what’s an underwear prom without a prom king?

Below we’ve laid out some options, they are our 5 most perfect nominees for underwear prom king. Check out our top 5 and let us know which guy you’d take to prom!

#5 Joshua Michael Brickman

Because Joshua Michael Brickman’s abs are practically 3D in this shot by Jorge Freire, we’re going to assume he’s got a well-built character to match his well-built torso; underwear prom king indeed.

#4 Mike Stalker

We talked to Mike Stalker in our exclusive interview with the fitness model, and don’t worry folks, he’s still got a great, modest and gentlemanly vibe to him. He could totally don the underwear prom king crown.

#3 Rodiney Santiago

We saw Rodiney Santiago working out in a rundown warehouse in this photo shoot with Leo Castro, but don’t worry, as underwear prom king he would never take you to a creepy warehouse. Or would he?

#2 Rob Evans

Rob Evans is one of our favorite Irish models, and there’s rumors he even dated Tyra Banks. If he’s good enough for Tyra, we think he’s good enough for underwear prom king!

#1 Harry Styles

To be totally honest, Harry Styles is probably the one guy every high-schooler wants to take to prom. Just be careful his sequined underwear doesn’t totally steal the show (but we’re actually hoping it does)!

Photo Credit: BlogSpoy, E!, Leo Castro, Rick Day, Jorge Freire


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