Reinventing the Onesie: Yay or Nay?

Today everything seems to be getting smaller. Laptops turned to netbooks. The iPad is shrinking, and men’s dress shirt’s are now offered in ultra, ultra slim. Underwear is no different. These days, it’s all about low-rise and form fitting. Here at The Underwear Expert, we’re not complaining. Oh no. We say bring on the skimpy and bathing suits. But there is a counter-movement emerging to add some weight to the underwear industry. We’re talking – of course – about men’s onesies.

Back in the day, the onesie for men was a fashion catastrophe that attempted to blend  the men’s work shirt with their underwear. Need proof? Check out the onesie button-ups and turtle neck below:

Not pretty, huh? Well, the onesie movement is attempting a resurgence with sleeker designs that look a little more sexy and a lot less seventies.  Check out some of the latest looks in full-body men’s pajamas below, and let us know if you would ever be caught dead slipping into a onesie. Just remember, if the boys of One Direction were seen wearing them, they must be cool – right???

Tony Dracke likes to be patriotic in his onesie.

What about Logan’s navy blue button-up Rufskin onesie?

Undergear offers onesies in the form of a t-shirt and tank top.

River Island adds a hood to their onesie just in case you get caught in the rain.

The onesie for those who need to do traditional typewriting in bed…

Introducing: The V-neck onesie. Time to show off that chest boys.

Even fashion icon Andrej Pejic is willing to give the onesie a try.

Photo Credits: Erion Hegel Kross, Rufskin, Undergear, River Island, Man Zone, Jean Paul Gaultier


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