Real Firemen in Underwear… And Some Not

Guys that stand near flames are badass. Underwear models are badass. By some reflexive property of something, we can hereby assume that firemen in underwear are even more badass… And based on the below pictures, that conjecture is most definitely correct.

Whether it’s their ripped and fit muscles, their heroic career choices, or just the fact that they stand near flames, firemen can have quite the sex appeal among pretty much everyone. Don’t believe us? We’ve pulled together some of our favorite photos of firemen in underwear.

Ok, before you get scrolling, we’ve gotta come clean. We don’t know any of these guys and we can’t say for certain that they’re actually firemen. In fact, we can pretty certainly say that some of these guys are not career fire putter outers. But whatever, a man in uniform is a man in uniform. In addition to these hot photos, we do out best to surmise who is authentic, and who is not.

These guys.

The uniforms look pretty official. Even if the abs are too good to be true, we’re gonna say these guys are the real deal!

These guys in front of the station.

Not too “model-y,” and these guys even have the firehouse! We’re gonna say these guys are also the real deal. Wait, are they even firemen?

Mr. Fire Chief over here.

Uh, his hat says “Fire Chief,” so we don’t think we really can contest that. Can we?

This guy with crazy flames.

Remember the comment we made about flames? This guy pretty much sums it up… probably not real, though. Jockstrap bonus!

This guy and his toy water gun.

Okay, so it’s not really a toy, but WHAT is this man doing with this water gun? We’re gonna go ahead say he’s not a real firefighter…

This guy and his utility belt.

This ripped fireman’s utility built and fire engine are too much to argue… we’re gonna say he’s probably real.

Evel Knieval over here

We’re gonna say no.

Suspender boy and his backdrop

We’re gonna say this guy’s definitely repping a fake fireman status. What’s more? That mustache looks a little suspicious, too… Is anyone else getting a Bruno vibe here?

Photo Credit: The Grio, FanPop, Japanator, WFTV, MensWearReview, The Last Tradition


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