Pump White Jockstrap Debuts

IMAGE Pump White Jockstrap

Pump adds its latest jockstrap style to its sporty line of sexy jockstraps. Currently available, the Pump White jockstrap ($22) is made from a cotton and microfiber fabric blend and offers a sexy contour to wear during the warm weather months.

Pump White Jockstrap

Pump drew its design inspiration from athletic inspired colors, material and cuts to achieve the look of its jockstrap collection. The Pump White jockstrap features a wide, 2-inch waistband in tonal white with the brand’s bold contrasting logo in black. The jockstrap also showcases white stitching and contrasting on the cup to achieve a streamlined, crisp look.

“Due to popular demand from our consumers, Pump presents a white jockstrap,” said a representative for Pump. “Plus, we are reinterpreting the classic, white jockstrap with a sexy design by Pump. Our jockstraps are known for their comfort, especially the leg straps, and style.”

The White Jockstrap is made from a high quality, ultra comfortable fabric blend of nylon, cotton and spandex. The waistband and leg straps offer a soft, yet sturdy fit, with ultimate stretchability and hold. The contour cup is made from an athletic, ribbed cotton fabric, similar to the brand’s recently released Hockey Jockstrap ($21), which offers red stitching and blue piping.

The Pump White Jockstrap is available in S-XL.

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