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PPU launches its latest collection of jockstraps, which showcase bold color combinations and unique designs. Currently available for the spring season, the PPU jockstraps consist of the Jockstrap 1304 ($16), Jockstrap 1305 ($30) and Jockstrap 1308 ($16) and boast a low-rise design.

PPU Jockstraps 1308 Grey

The PPU jockstraps 1304 and 1308 feature a contour pouch that includes a center seam and elastic trim that gives your package an extra boost. The PPU jockstrap 1304 is made from 87% nylon, 6% polyester and 7% spandex, while the PPU Jockstrap 1305 is made from 93% nylon and 7% spandex. This microfiber blend offers a lightweight fit that feels cool and smooth against your skin. The PPU Jockstrap 1308 is made from a soft cotton fabric blend of 94% cotton and 6% spandex that offers a classic feel.

Each PPU jockstrap features a fun and sexy design. The PPU jockstrap 1305 comes in blue, black and white and offers a sneak peak of skin between the elastic waistband and contour pouch. The 1304 jockstrap is available in white and offers a sharp cut between the waistband and the pouch. The 1308 jockstrap comes in two contrasting combinations of grey and red as well as blue and white.

The PPU jockstraps are designed to wear for intimate encounters or even going out or hanging out at home. These styles provide a lean, sexy silhouette and subtle design details. Each pair has a low-rise waistband with the brand’s logo presented in a contrasting white print.

The PPU jockstraps are available in S-XL.

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PPU Jockstraps 1305 Blue
PPU Jockstraps 1304 White

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