Philip Fusco Gregg Homme BTS Video


Sneak a peek behind the scenes of the Philip Fusco Gregg Homme photo shoot, with Philip stripping down and showing off some of the brand’s newest releases.

We’re huge Philip Fusco fans here at The Underwear Expert. We first interviewed the Long Island native back in January when we named him Model of the Week, and soon he was back to tell us more about himself in a super charming Model Talk video. His laid back, friendly personality is on display again in this Philip Fusco Gregg Homme behind the scenes interview with E Talk.

In the video, Philip talks about the concept behind the new Gregg Homme campaign, which is to feature the brand in a sexy sophisticated light—a job for which Philip is certainly well suited.  He also offers some advice to guys looking to find the right pair of underwear as well as healthy tips for staying fit. As for choosing the right underwear for you, Philip says to look for comfort and a little bit of sex appeal. Or in his case… a lot. For staying fit and healthy, Philip emphasizes balanced nutrition. If anyone could make us to eat our vegetables, it would definitely be Philip.

After this preview of the Philip Fusco Gregg Homme shoot, we can’t wait to get a look at the full campaign!

For more about this brand: Gregg Homme.


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