Organic Underwear for Earth Day

There are so many ways we can show kindness to Mother Earth, but real change begins at home—and what could be closer to home than your underwear? Save our planet one pair at a time with these eco friendly underwear picks to don on Earth Day, so you can hold your head (and other parts) up and be proud.

From all-natural organically made fabrics to sustainable manufacturing, many brands make kindness to our planet a top priority in their underwear design and production. Check out some of our favorite eco friendly underwear, and let us know which ones you’ll be rocking this Earth Day!

Pact’s Good Work collection boxer briefs ($24): Inspired by the colors and aerial landscape of urban farming, pieces from Pact’s Good Work collection are made from 100% certified organic cotton in the company’s 100% wind powered factory. Wearing them is actually like giving the world a bear hug with your lap.

Ohganix hemp boxer shorts ($60): Pieces in Ohganix eco friendly collection are made from all-natural organic fabrics, including a blend of 94% hemp and another made from 94% micro-tencel—a fabric produced from Eucalyptus trees. Free from harmful dyes and chemicals, they offer a smooth comfortable fit. Just look how happy they make this earth-friendly fella.

Wood Underwear Hermosa Beach collection boxer briefs ($20): There’s nothing stiff about this wood, boys. These boxer briefs from Wood Underwear are made from a soft fabric blend of cotton, elastane and modal, which is derived from beach tree cellulose.

Naked Pima Cotton briefs ($34): Known for promoting high-quality, eco-friendly materials, Naked produces its supremely soft cotton fabrics without the use of any harmful chemicals. Designed to feel like you’re not wearing any at all, underwear from this collection would be perfect for those sexier Earth Day plans.

Les Insurges Dandy Rock trunks (€29,90): These fashion forward trunks from French brand Les Insurges are made from Oeko-Tex certified cotton, fabric made in an eco-friendly production facility without the use harmful substances. The brand also supports environmental causes that work to  protect biodiversity and fight climate change.

For more about these brands: Pact, Ohganix, Wood Underwear, Naked, Les Insurges.

Photo Credits: Pact, Ohganix, Wood Underwear, Naked, Les Insurges, Reixam, NASA.


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