5 Poems For Hot Models

April is National Poetry Month, and if poetry’s good for one thing, it’s celebrating the beauty in the world and the people around us. For us here at The Underwear Expert, there’s nothing more beautiful to celebrate than the best underwear models in the business, so we’ve gathered up our favorite poems about models in their underwear. These poems were (of course) written by some the greatest poets alive today, and sent in to us to be published anonymously. They were not, we repeat, they were not written by amateur poets on our staff.

Check our some of these great poems about models in their underwear below, and let us know which is your favorite! Feelin’ extra poetic? Pick your own model and write a poem in the comments below!

“An Ode to Mike Stalker”

Even though Mike Stalker’s hot,
His name’s gotta give you a thought…
Is he really a “stalker?”
More like “underwear rocker,”
‘Cause we like the undies he’s got.

“What Does It Take to be Like Tyson Beckford?”

Tyson’s a model with skill,
And his accolades sure fit the bill.
But his real success
come’s as Tyson’s undressed,
and you see how his undies are filled!

“No Pants for Colby Melvin”

For a shorter guy, Colby’s got spunk,
And dance moves to groove to the funk.
He’s kind of a goof,
Yes, there’s plenty of proof,
But this model’s got junk in the trunk!

“Pablo Hernandez and his Shower”

Pablo’s got bold looks of power,
and undies you could stare at for hours.
You know by his looks,
that he goes by the books,
But have you seen this guy in the shower??

“Justin Bieber Loves his Undies”

Sure, skivvies look great on the Bieber,
He’s not a model, but he’s sure got the fever.
We won’t listen to “Baby,”
Okay… in underwear, maybe.
But it’s his undies that make us “Beliebers.”

Photo Credit: Rick Day, Cliff Watts, CelebNews, Shakespeare Online


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