N2N Crafts Stimulating Sheer Skins

IMAGE N2N Sheer Skins Singlet

N2N expands its popular erotic wear range with the release of the Sheer Skins collection. Available early April, the N2N Sheer Skins collection features a runner ($50), tank top ($44), biker shorts ($48) and singlet ($80) that combine sheer mesh fabric panels with a solid nylon fabric to create a sexy, one-of-a-kind look.

N2N Sheer Skins Tank Top

The N2N Sheer Skins range first debuted two years ago with just a few items but it now includes the singlet and biker styles. “I wanted to create an uber sexy collection that has a masculine appeal,” said Andrew Makay, creative director and owner of N2N. “I started designing singlets years ago and now they are so popular. With this collection, I wanted to put my own spin on the singlet by weaving together solid fabric with sheer fabric.”

The Sheer Skins collection consists of a solid fabric that is made from 83% nylon and 17% spandex while the sheer panels are made from 76% nylon and 24% spandex. The fabric combination offers a breathable, body contouring fit. “One of the added benefits of the sheer fabric for the biker shorts is the butt cleavage that it provides,” said Makay. “The biker also includes a drawstring cord that holds you up because the rise is so low.”

The sexy style of the Sheer Skin collection was designed to attract consumers who are looking for stylish attire to wear during special events such as an all-inclusive gay cruise or theme party. The N2N Sheer Skins collection is available in S-XL.

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N2N Sheer Skins Singlet Red
N2N Sheer Skins Singlet Black
N2N Sheer Skins Runner Red
N2N Sheer Skins Biker Red

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