N2N Recruits New Commander

IMAGE N2N Commander Singlet Maroon

N2N introduces its new Commander collection to the brand’s line of erotic wear. Available early April, the N2N Commander collection showcases a bold play on color and consists of two sexy styles: a biker short ($60) and singlet ($70).

N2N Commander Biker Short Maroon

The N2N Commander range features a wrap-around contrast color starting at the crotch, comes around the butt and finishes down the leg. The collection offers a cool, masculine color palette with shades such as grey, maroon and olive. “Maroon is going to be very popular this season,” said Andrew Makay, owner/designer of N2N.

The range is made from a soft, breathable microfiber fabric that hugs your body and shows off your goods with N2N’s signature pouch. The collection’s fabric blend of 88% perfo-nylon and 12% spandex jersey coupled with its’ moisture wicking properties, make it perfect for working out, wrestling or taking part in some sort of fetish activity.

In addition to the colors, the N2N Commander range offers several innovative design features. The biker and singlet feature a bold representation of the brand’s logo on the side of the left leg. The cut of the singlet boasts a low scoop, which “is very sexy,” said Makay. “This silhouette showcases your lower region more so than other singlets. It’s wider at the bottom so you can show off your abs.” The biker short, which includes a contour pouch, can be worn on its own or under pants.

The N2N Commander collection is available in S-XL.

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N2N Commander Singlet Maroon
N2N Commander Singlet Blue
N2N Commander Biker Short Olive

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  1. Fireman2169 says:

    N2N is alwayse at the apex of designs and innovation yet has a bold simplistic appeal that doesn’t require all the crazy pizazz. It’s masculine, practical, durable, sexy, fun, and most important comfortable!

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